Letter from Alexandra Lloyd, 2020-21 AMA Birmingham Chapter President


Dear Birmingham marketing community, members, and partners,

I am honored and inspired to take on this new challenge as the 2020-21 AMA Birmingham Chapter President. After moving from Montreal, Canada, three years ago, this marketing community was generous and pivotal in acclimating me to my new life in Birmingham. As a passionate marketer, I’m thrilled to continue to be part of this amazing community.


We strive to create a collaborative community for marketers, and we will continue to operate with that goal. Over the years, we have seen growth and challenges. Our chapter has been supported and maintained by the work of our amazing volunteers, members, and sponsors. 


The Past 2 Years

In 2018, we launched our first annual event, “The Magic City Marketing Awards”, to recognize industry excellence in Birmingham. We created additional programming to give marketers the opportunity to learn directly from experts through practical workshops. The following year, we elevated our commitment to diversity by adding a Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to our Board of Directors. In order to adjust to the global pandemic hitting our community, we offered virtual Trendy Topics webinars to continue to bring value and education to our community. Soon after, a new AMA year started amid the world acclimating to social distancing and a new virtual work reality. 


Learn. Connect. Grow

These past few months carried significant challenges. We all faced difficult times. Employees lost their jobs, people fought for justice, business owners lost their beloved restaurants, and other small businesses went into a deficit, all while the world fought to slow down a devastating virus. This time has been filled with pain, uncertainty, and sadness and it’s hard to say what the future holds. What I know is that we will focus on what unites us, explore fresh opportunities, and put our efforts into aligning our vision with what we do best: offer stellar programming, quality networking, and industry knowledge. We’ll achieve this by ensuring our actions and goals support our lifetime motto “Learn. Connect. Grow”. There are many ways we can improve, and this year brings with it a learning curve. We will have to think creatively and get comfortable with technology as we navigate through this reality for at least the first half of the year, if not longer. 


Stay Connected

You, as a member of the Birmingham marketing community, are an important source of feedback and inspiration — now more than ever. As stewards of the local marketing community, the AMA Birmingham Board has a duty to stay connected to the community and understand what marketing professionals want from their local chapter. Your continued support as an employer, marketing employee, sponsor, partner, marketing student, or advisor will help us move forward to achieve our goals. 


Our theme this year is UNITY.

As we work to grow our team of volunteers and members, it is essential that we stay united as we reach for our goals. As always, we are #UnitedInTheHam


I hope to see you soon, virtually and in-person!


Alexandra Lloyd

Channel Marketing Manager Royal Cup Coffee and Tea

alexandra lloyd

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