Key Volunteer Job Description – VP Strategic Relations (Sponsorship)


In addition to the responsibilities of their positions, Officers must:

  • Attend all Board meetings.
  • Prepare a preliminary budget and submit to the President.
  • Prepare a final report of the year’s activities, including final expense/income statement and recommendations for the following year.
  • Coordinate with other Officers, Directors and committee chairs as needed.

The VP Strategic Relations (Sponsorship) identifies Chapter needs that may be supported by corporate sponsorship and coordinates programs to involve the business community in Chapter affairs.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Work with other committee chairs to determine their needs, such as underwriting an event, providing equipment, or providing direct or in-kind donations.
  • Work with committee chairs to develop sponsorship plans for specific events or activities.
  • Develop a corporate sponsorship list, update it often and contact businesses for support.
  • Keep accurate records of all donations and in-kind support and report activity monthly to the Treasurer.
  • Develop a plan to acknowledge sponsors and send regular “Thank-You” to supporting organizations.
  • Monitor sponsor support to avoid conflicts of interest, and review Chapter operating policies to make sure all Chapter obligations to sponsors are met.

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