The Vice President of Programs, reporting to the President, is responsible for developing, implementing and executing the chapter’s overall program strategy aligning with the budget, as well as managing and leading a committee to implement all programs.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Works with the President and the VP of Operations to develop a master editorial calendar for the year
  • Develops and implements AMA Birmingham FY program plan and calendar, with measurable results, for committee activities based on editorial calendar
  • Prepares and manages budget for AMA Birmingham FY program plan
  • Oversees execution of monthly programs by Directors of Programs and volunteers, including recruiting of speakers and all the details to ensure successful programs
  • Manages programs committee, as well as volunteers, to ensure all logistics are handled according to best practices in event planning to ensure successful programs. Specifics of event must be locked in a minimum of 60 days in advance (venue in place; announcement finalized on website and turned over to Communications Committee)
  • Works with speaker recruitment committee to bring in and interface with monthly luncheon speakers, who are required to be senior marketing leaders with a particular expertise, to ensure successful programs
  • Works collaboratively with VP of Strategic Relations (=Sponsorship or committee designee) on program sponsorship needs, as well as ensuring companies sponsoring program are supported with items detailed in their agreement
  • Collaborates with VP of Communications and VP of Membership to ensure all program communications are delivered and executed according to communications and programs timeline and ensure events are widely publicized through all channels
  • Negotiates with vendors (with the help of sponsorship team as appropriate) to ensure the organization is paying competitive, group or non-profit rates
  • In conjunction with other teams, optimally positions and promotes event to ensure organization meets attendance and financial goals
  • Prepares a final report evaluating the year’s activities based on initial goals and objectives. Include final budget figures and recommendations for the following year. This will be the basis of the CEA entry for programming, along with supporting examples required for the entry form.
  • Creates a succession plan for VP position, as well as any other programs documentation
  • Keeps President and President-Elect informed on programs and any other necessary committee updates


  • Serves 5-12 hours per week
  • Attends AMA Birmingham programs and events
  • Attends monthly Executive Board meetings
  • Oversees committee of Directors of Programs
  • Provides monthly board report/committee update and dashboard numbers to Secretary before each executive Board meeting
  • Monitors programming budget
  • Schedules and leads monthly programming call/meeting


  • Active AMA Birmingham member (required)
  • Degree in marketing, advertising, communications or related professional experience
  • Experience negotiating and implementing high profile events
  • Excellent interpersonal and written communication skills
  • Successful track record of building, motivating and managing a team
  • Ability to work cross-functionally, coordinating across a large, dynamic organization with multiple board members and committees