VP Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


In addition to the responsibilities of their positions, Officers must:

  • Attend all Board meetings.
  • Prepare a preliminary budget and submit to the President.
  • Prepare a final report of the year’s activities, including final expense/income statement and recommendations for the following year.
  • Coordinate with other Officers, Directors and committee chairs as needed.

The Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion leads our chapter efforts to increase the diversity of our members, board of directors and our leadership at all levels. 

Specific Responsibilities

  • Work with the Programming and Special Events chairs to develop programs that will interest a diverse audience.
  • Develop strategies for improving our practices and culture.
  • Help the organization understand the concepts and terminology around diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Guide our efforts to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all people.  
  • Present resources and ideas to guide and receive cultural differences in a positive way within our organization and during our events.
  • Assist with community engagement to build new relationships and awareness for the AMA.
  • Build relationships with strategic groups and organizations. 
  • Might help to identify talented and motivated individuals for volunteer and leadership positions.

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