The Vice President of Treasury, reporting to the President, is responsible for monthly financial reporting to the Board of Directors, annual financial reporting to chapter members, AMA Support Center and completing the chapter’s annual IRS filing requirements.  

Specific Responsibilities

  • Develops and implements AMA Birmingham FY treasury plan, with measurable results and specific dates, for committee activities
  • Prepares and manages budget for AMA Birmingham FY along with President and VPs
  • Reconciles revenue collected via electronic payment, cash and check to event registrations on a monthly basis and records in QuickBooks
  • Reconciles disbursements made to invoices and reimbursement requests, as well as the approved budget and records in QuickBooks
  • Performs monthly bank account reconciliations
  • Applies invoice payments to outstanding member balances in QuickBooks and monitors accounts receivable listing on a monthly basis
  • Monitors the AMA-Birmingham treasurer Gmail account for member invoice inquiries
  • Creates monthly financial reporting package for Board presentation and approval
  • Updates the monthly dashboard report for month-end treasury figures
  • Works with other board VP’s to monitor spending within the approved budget and resolve revenue/expense reconciliation issues
  • Prepares the year-end financial report for submission to AMA Support Center on a modified cash-basis
  • Prepares the annual financial report and summary letter for distribution to chapter members and posting to the chapter’s website
  • Prepares annual IRS filing (990EZ) for submission to the IRS
  • Reviews the Treasury committee structure and internal controls every year to determine the need for fidelity bond coverage
  • Works with the Director of Treasury to maintain and improve the chapter’s internal control and financial processes (when it applies)
  • Prepare a final report evaluating the year’s activities based on initial goals and objectives. Include final budget figures and recommendations for the following year. This will be the basis of the CEA entry for treasury, along with supporting examples required for the entry form
  • Creates a succession plan for VP position, as well as any other treasury documentation
  • Keeps President and President-Elect informed on communications and any other necessary committee updates


  • Serves 4-8 hours per month
  • Attends AMA Birmingham programs and events
  • Attends monthly Executive Board meetings
  • Oversees committee with the Director of Treasury – Payables (when it applies) or assumes the responsibilities of the position – Director of Treasury – Receivables & Director of Treasury – Payables
  • Provides monthly board report/committee update and dashboard numbers to Secretary before each board meeting


  • Active AMA Birmingham member (required)
  • B.S. in Accounting, with CPA license
  • Experience in not-for-profit financial reporting, not-for-profit IRS filing preparation, and QuickBooks experience preferred
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Successful track record of building, motivating and managing a team
  • Ability to work cross-functionally, coordinating across a large, dynamic organization with multiple board members and committees