Director of Special Events


In addition to the responsibilities of their positions, Officers must:

  • Attend all Committee meetings.
  • Prepare a preliminary budget and submit to the President.
  • Prepare a final report of the year’s activities, including final expense/income statement and recommendations for the following year.
  • Coordinate with other Officers, Directors and committee chairs as needed.

The Director of Special Events collects and organizes Chapter data needed for entry in the AMA Chapter Excellence Awards Program; prepares the entry according to guidelines; and submits it to AMA International Headquarters.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Create a committee to collect Chapter information throughout the year such as press clippings on Chapter events, copies of publications, data on meeting attendance and membership, and other materials for the entry.
  • Complete all forms required for the entry. Accurately and clearly present the Chapter’s accomplishments for the year.
  • Cooperate with other Officers to collect information. Incorporate their input and feedback in the entry.
  • Mail the entry to AMA International Headquarters by the deadline.
  • Assume the responsibilities common to all committee chairs.

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