Director of Membership Development


In addition to the responsibilities of their positions, Officers must:

  • Attend all Committee meetings.
  • Prepare a preliminary budget and submit to the President.
  • Prepare a final report of the year’s activities, including final expense/income statement and recommendations for the following year.
  • Coordinate with other Officers, Directors and committee chairs as needed.

The Director of Membership Development identifies potential Chapter leaders and workers and directs them to the appropriate Officers, Directors or committee chairs.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Know the Chapter’s organization, the responsibilities and operation of each office and committee.
  • Develop a plan with measurable results for involving members in Chapter activities.
  • Work with the VP Membership and the Director of Membership of Acquisition to welcome new members immediately after they join. Send cards, letters, emails or call new members about their interests and opportunities to be involved in Chapter activities.
  • With a response card or a membership survey, contact all members to determine who is interested in working on a committee. Keep an ongoing file of member’s interests.
  • Recommend members for appropriate committees.
  • Coordinate information on new and current members with the VP Membership.
  • Assume the responsibilities common to all committee chairs.

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