Eric Frye and Randy Webb from Waynes Featured at November Signature Series Luncheon

At our Signature Series Luncheon on Nov. 20, the American Marketing Association — Birmingham chapter had the opportunity to hear more about one of the most successful brand strategies in Birmingham history — Waynes. Eric Frye was part of the leadership team at Waynes after the company was acquired from the founder, Wayne Lagle, in 2001. He and Creative Director Randy Webb led marketing efforts as Waynes grew from a mid-sized Birmingham company to a regional player in the pest control industry with over 300 employees. In the summer of 2019, Waynes was acquired by a Swedish conglomerate, Anticimex, in the largest transaction in the history of the pest control industry.

Frye and Webb gave members insight into the Waynes company culture that has elevated the Waynes brand to a remarkable Birmingham success story.

Frye explained despite the market your company may fall under, every marketing strategy has one purpose: the “why”.

man speaking at podium
Photo by Piper Vine Photography
  • Why do people choose to work for you?
  • Why do people choose to do business with you?
  • What is the why?

“Our why is to make employees love where they work and for people to love doing business with people they like,” said Frye. He explained customers see value in brand and culture.

How do they achieve this value in brand and culture?

“Our team is how. Our internal motto is ‘this is our family,’” said Frye. He encouraged AMA members to ask what is your “why” and how are you going to accomplish that “why”. Find the relationship between the two and, most likely, you’ll realize it’s achieved through a positive company culture like that at Waynes.

“Everything matters,” said Frye.

He explained their system works from all areas from workers to sales to marketing. Waynes values service and commitment on all levels of their company because sales is “all-team affair”.

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Photo by Piper Vine Photography

Webb followed with explaining how this unique company culture has allowed Waynes to build a widely recognized and respected brand. “Branding and brand are two different things,” said Webb. “Branding is our yellow trucks and billboards. It’s simple, but our brand is our people. They are the center.”

Webb explained how during their onboarding of new employees they explain the difference between branding and brand to show the actionable thing in the Waynes brand is the employee. They create the experience for the customer. A smile. A warm word. A thoughtful response.

“If you want a 5-star company then build 5-star employees. Every detail matters big and small,” emphasized Webb.

He explained that branding is easy, but building a brand is what takes time and dedication. 

“Marketing didn’t build Waynes, the culture and the people did,” concluded Webb. Learn more about the Waynes culture by visiting their website at