Board Spotlight: Melissa Ralph


Meet Melissa Ralph.


We love our AMA Birmingham board and chair members and feel as though we need to showcase all of the wonderful projects and aid they provide for our AMA chapter. This month, we’ll be showcasing Melissa Ralph, our 2021-2022 Chapter President! 


What is your role at AMA Birmingham? 

I am the President of AMA Birmingham for the 2021-2022 year. 


When did you join our Board / Committee and why did you decide to become a member of AMA Birmingham?

I joined on to the AMA a few years ago. I worked on the Membership committee focusing on retention efforts for members. 


What has been your favorite project or event you helped create and / or implemented at AMA Birmingham?

During my time with AMA, I’ve worked on multiple projects. I am very proud to have started on the membership team. By understanding how our members feel about events, speakers, food and more, we were able to respond and adjust our club’s strategies to their wants. 


Tell us about your career outside of AMA Birmingham. How has volunteering with AMA Birmingham impacted your career?

Networking, and getting me comfortable with connecting with new people


What’s the one thing you wish others knew about volunteering with AMA Birmingham? What makes it unique?

With our members in multiple industries, joining AMA allows you to connect with a diverse group. From automotive, creative, hospitality, tech, business, or healthcare, you have marketing people wanting to learn and grow with you. Not many groups align like that. 


What’s your current favorite tool or app that you can’t live without in both your professional and personal life?

I’ve fallen in love with Slack. I have 3 different workspaces on it and it makes things easy. threads are saved and pinned and you can reach out to anyone!


When is your birthday and how would you celebrate it in Birmingham?

July 31st! This past year I went to the newly open Bham Rage Room! SO FUN!!


What are your favorite pastimes?

Golfing and my dog!